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All Churches ​within EC-Global are NOT meeting in person due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.


Who we are...

The Episcopal Conclave of Global Ministry is an organization of dedicated servants of Jesus Christ, who seek to restore H.O.P.E. back to His Body of believers

H- Honor

We seek to restore honor to the church, breaking free of its history of institutionalization and its abuse of power. We seek to Honor the Lord by being a church rooted in scripture and rooted in the idea that all His children have a place and a calling.

O- Order

We seek to restore proper order, with leadership and ministers vetted for proper service and prepared to serve the broken, to heal the sick and love their neighbors. We claim Apostolic Succession from our College of Bishops and College of Apostles. Our goal being to provide a place with proper protocol, but the freedom of independent ministry


We do not seek Prosperity as a theology but as a pathway for growth in a church system dedicated to all mankind, encouraging all of God's Children to thier fullest potential within their calling.

E-Educational Excellence

We seek to provide exceptional training to all Ministers of the Gospel through our Global Education and Training minsitry, The Episcopal Conclave Theological Institute. We provide training's, certifications, Ordination Training, Consecration Training as well as Associate's through Doctorate level Religious Study.

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If you are an Independent Ministry or Minister looking for Episcopal Covering please contact us here!

If you are interested in Religious Education contact us here